Benefits of choosing Weathermaster Auckland

  • Innovative and technically advanced shading solution engineered for performance, reliability, and durability.
  • Range of fabric options available to suit your outdoor space colourways and shading.
  • The frame is aluminium and has stainless fittings to ensure maximum longevity and performance.
  • Only available automated with remote control for easy use.

Retractable pergola shades are a great way to extend your outdoor living area or restaurant seating capacity at the push of a button. You can effortlessly create additional space without giving up on the joys of being outdoors.

At Weathermaster Auckland, we have designed and engineered retractable pergola shades that can withstand the extreme New Zealand weather. What’s more, these innovative roofing systems are manufactured in New Zealand, assuring you of great quality and fast turnaround times.

Get total sun and rain protection for up to 150sqmtr with our pergola shades in Auckland. Now you can easily enjoy the sun and protect yourself from harsh weather conditions at the touch of a button to bring out your retractable roof.

Our retractable pergola shades in Auckland are extremely wind-resistant and can withstand winds as strong as 48-55 knots. Our high-quality pergola shades are made to measure and installed by our experienced technicians to the highest standard.

Manufactured using the latest technology, our retractable pergolas are made of high quality materials including high-grade stainless steel and aluminium and robust PVC membrane. The roofing system can handle storm-force winds with effortless ease.

We will customise the pergola roofing system to suit your requirements – be it the colour of the hardware or the configuration – every element will be customised for you.

Our pergola shades can be completely retracted or completely enclosed, which makes them a better option than louvered roofing solutions. Your retractable roof can be fitted with optional features like sensors, LED lighting and more.

High Quality Fabric

We use the finest quality fabrics that boast the highest UV block out. All of our pergola shades feature a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and comply with fire retardant regulations.

We offer the following fabric options:

Canvas – Our canvas pergola shades are made from marine-grade, water-repellent 100% acrylic and boast a UPF rating of 50+. These shades won’t break down and are totally fade resistant. Available in an array of pastel or bright colours and patterns.

Panorama – When you are looking for waterproof shade, look no further than our lightweight, PVC sails that can stand the test of time without bagging or sagging. This PVC external sunscreen fabric combines practicality and style to create the perfect pergola shade for your home or business premises. This fabric is water-resistant, mould resistant and stain repellent.

PTFE Thread

Nothing else compares with PTFE thread. Our PTFE threads boast longer life than the shade cloth. When maintained well, you can be sure that the seams, webbing or edges won’t fray or tear.

Perimeter Stainless Steel Wire

The perimeter wire effortlessly supports the even tensioning across the shade and helps with the tensioning across the belly of the pergola shade.

Poles and Fixings

The success of your pergola shade installation depends to a great extent on what it’s fixed to and whether it can support the load. Our pergola shades can withstand wind as strong as 48-55 knots.

How are pergola shades operated?

At Weathermaster, all the pergola shades that we supply in Auckland have automatic operation. This means operation is at the push of a button – it couldn’t be easier.

Plus, we can take the level of automation a stage further by installing light sensors on your pergola shade. When the sensors detect that sunlight has reached a certain level, they will automatically open the shade, protecting your patio from the sun. As the sunlight weakens and starts to fade, the pergola shade will retract.

How much do pergola shades cost?

We supply customised pergola shades in Auckland, so the cost of getting one installed varies depending on your requirements. This includes the size that you need and any other customisation features. The easiest and quickest way to get the cost of a pergola shade is to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team. We’ll assess what is required, including taking measurements, and we will then send you a free, no-obligation quote.

How long will it take to get my pergola shade?

At Weathermaster, we will do everything we can to ensure your pergola shade is installed as quickly as possible. Lead-in times can vary depending on the time of year, with summer months often being the busiest. However, the custom manufacturing, delivery, and installation of your pergola shade usually takes about 4-6 weeks.