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Looking for the best outdoor umbrella for your home or business? At Weathermaster we have plenty of great options to choose from. Learn more here.

Large outdoor umbrella on patio deck with sunny sky in background

The Best Outdoor Umbrellas on the Market Today

As alfresco dining season approaches, you may be looking to spruce up your outdoor dining area or create a nice shady space where people can park up for an evening. Whether you are looking for outdoor shading options for your home or your business, we can help. Below, we’re going through our list of the best outdoor umbrellas available today.

Cafe & Market Umbrella 2

If you are looking for an umbrella that is strong enough to handle the unpredictable NZ weather, the café and market umbrella 2 is a great choice. The CMU2 combines a heavy-duty double pulley system featuring commercial grade pulley rope, with eight full strength strut arms. The Café & Market umbrella is easy to open and close, perfect for when you need to set up and pack down quickly.

Weathermaster Umbrella 3

The Weathermaster umbrella 3 is the perfect shade solution for a smaller inner-city section, like an urban café or a small residential patio. This wall mounted umbrella extends out without using up the floorspace typically needed for a traditional umbrella base. With a study aluminium bracket and telescopic arm, the WMU3 is an elegant addition to any urban environment.

Rotating Cantilever Umbrella 4

Specially engineered to withstand high winds with the flexibility of a 360˚ canopy, the RCU4 provides shade and shielding exactly where you need it. Made with marine grade aluminium and stainless-steel hardware, this model is especially useful as a patio umbrella on beach front properties.

Commercial Canopy Umbrella 10

Built to give you years of trouble-free use thanks to a commercial grade aluminium frame, the CCU10’s sleek and modern design is an asset to any outdoor setting. Stainless steel hardware makes for longevity in any conditions. This model comes in both square and octagon options, with a large 5 metre diameter.

Serenity Cantilever Umbrella

Serenity Cantilever Umbrella’s Patent-pending technology gives you years of trouble-free use thanks to expert engineering and advanced umbrella deployment systems. These umbrellas have built in LED lights in the central hub, controlled with an optional rechargeable smart battery and phone app.

Unity™ Cantilever Umbrella

With our cutting edge Shadowlock, Shadowlift and Shadowglide technology, this umbrella is smooth, quick, and easy to operate. With the option of four umbrellas on one mast, it allows for maximum coverage, perfect for when you are expecting large groups of people. The fabric is UV and fade resistant and has the Skin Cancer Foundations seal of approval.

Weathermaseter has you covered

If you’re looking for the best outdoor umbrella options on the market today, we can help. All our outdoor umbrellas are manufactured for New Zealand weather conditions, and we offer a range of options available depending on your needs, not to mention our products are all competitively priced.

If you’re buying for your business, we can custom colour the canopy colour as well as provide the umbrellas branded with your logo. All umbrellas are manufactured in New Zealand, they are easy enough for you to install alone, or our experienced installation team can handle it for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about our range!