Honeycomb Whisper Shades 20mm

Stylish and energy efficient

Thermal Honeycomb Shade Blinds

This design comes with a wider range of available fabrics and materials, with higher insulation properties. Whisper® Shades create a clean and contemporary look for any window in your home. With a unique cellular honeycomb design, these shades deliver exceptional insulation with simply no compromise on style.

The concept of honeycomb cellular construction is taken to the ultimate with Whisper® Architella® Shades; three internal air pockets for high-performance window insulation. When Whisper® Architella® Shades go up, power bills come down.


Signature Headrail

The Signature Headrail is available across the UltraGlide®, LiteRise and PowerView® operating systems.
Matte finish headrails provide a premium look and feel. Flush-mount end caps cleanly finish the edge of the shade.

Modern bottom rail design

Our modern bottom rail design features soft square edges, complementing the softness of the Whisper® Shade itself.
Reduced stack height of this hardware allows the shade to be neatly pulled back for optimal view to the outside.

Classic, Nightfall, Symphony and Midnight

The consistent colour palette across 10mm Classic and Nightfall, 20mm Symphony and Midnight fabric allows for seamless application of the variants within your home. The range features on-trend colours, in matching translucent and blockout opacities for all thermal honeycomb blinds.


Operating Systems

UltraGlide® Control
LiteRise Control
PowerView® SkyLift
PowerView® Automation
Standard Cord Lock