As technology advances, homes are getting smarter. Not long ago, smart homes and technology were things we saw on the movie screen, not within our own houses. Today, voice-controlled devices are becoming commonplace in homes up and down the country.

Step into the future of window automation with Somfy, thanks to the  Connexoon Window RTS. This voice-controlled device lets you control your window coverings via voice commands and a simple-to-use app.

An intuitive, smart, and playful solution to simplify your life, discover how the Connexon Window RTS can level up your home.


How the Somfy System Works

The Connexoon Window RTS is a voice-controlled device that plugs directly into your router and wall socket for a simple set-up. This device communicates with your Somfy window furnishings via RTS or Radio Technology Somfy and can receive commands from the smartphone app, even when you’re away on holiday!

Somfy Connexoon Window RTS is compatible with IFTT (If This, Then That). Unlock the power of voice control via a third-party voice assistant like Amazon Alexia and Google Assistant to experience a smart home with endless opportunities. Alternatively, this device can be connected directly to your existing Google devices for ultimate convenience.


Total Window Control

The Connexoon Window RTS voice-controlled device gives you ultimate control over your motorised window coverings. Precisely control light flow throughout your home and manage privacy whether at home or off on an adventure!

The Somfy app centralises your window automation system, and any other Somfy products within your home bring all the controls into one simple-to-use app. Whether it’s blinds, curtains, awnings, or everything in between, the Connexoon Window RTS device makes managing them a breeze.


Somfy: The Smarter Window Automation System

Somfy’s voice-controlled device is the next step in window automation. You won’t have to worry about if you shut the curtains after leaving the house; Somfy gives you total control over your window furnishings wherever you are. Get in touch with the Weathermaster team to start the installation process in your home today.