Honeycomb Whisper® Shades 10mm

Clean and contemporary

Contemporary NZ Cellular Blinds for Windows

Whisper® Shades are a cellular blind that delivers more than just a sharp and contemporary look for your windows. The cellular design of these innovative blinds offers super-efficient insulation, trapping air inside each cell to effectively reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Whisper® Shades are manufactured using a unique spun-bonded Polyester material, which gives these blinds crisp, clean lines and a sleek modern look. They may look delicate, but they’re made to last. The 10mm depth option offers an attractive, refined look across various window types and shapes and is especially suited to windows with small reveals.

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Day and Night design

Enjoy the best of both worlds by combing two shades in one installation. Enjoy daytime views with sheer fabric and evening privacy with blackout or translucent cellular blinds. The integrated moving rail and our expert team of installers ensure a seamless finish.

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Let The Light Dance Around Your Room

Harness the beauty of natural light shining through your home with Whisper® Shades. The cellular structure of honeycomb blinds and the translucence of the fabrics diffuse and filter the sun’s rays, giving your interior a welcoming soft glow. The nature of the fabrics chosen can create interesting ‘plays of light’. Let natural light breathe life and energy throughout your home by utilising whisper shades.

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Excellent Insulation

Whisper® Shades have been dubbed “the next best thing to double glazing”, and it’s not hard to understand why. The unique cellular design of honeycomb blinds offers a sturdy layer of insulation to your windows. These cells create pockets of air that act as a barrier trapping hot or cold air, reducing heat transfer through your windows. This design will ensure your home stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

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