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Here, we cover some tips for designing ideal home outdoor living areas, including a focus on the benefits of window shutters in creating an outdoor space.

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Tips for Creating an Outdoor Space

While the main goal is to have an open area where your family and friends can hang out, it’s important to ensure that these exposed living spaces are protected from the elements, especially during extremely bright sunny days and wet, inclement weather.

Below, we’ll cover some tips and tricks for creating an ideal, functional, and comfortable outdoor living space for socialising and entertaining. We’ll look at décor, lighting, and also how installing window shutters is a great way to expand your indoor spaces and connect them to the outdoors, focusing on the benefits of window shutters when aiming to design a great exterior living space.

Creating the Ideal Outdoor Living Space

In designing spaces, balancing function and design is important. You must establish a clear vision of how you want the space to look, and how you want the atmosphere to feel.

Choosing natural materials

An outdoor living space should be an extension of your interior: safe, comfortable, and welcoming. However, it should also be able to connect to nature. One way to blend the indoor and outdoor vibes is to choose natural materials: custom woodwork, natural stone masonry or brickwork, and the addition of plants can all help create a good indoor-outdoor transition.

Amplify ambiance when choosing your palette

Amplify warmth with earth-tones or natural palettes so you can create an environment meant for relaxation. If you prefer more vibrant colours, try balancing it our minimalist styling and furniture, as well as adding other natural details.

Add soft textures and warm lighting that are easy on the eyes

Since it’s a living space where you want to enjoy a fun and relaxing time with the people you love, make sure that it’s comfortable. Add soft textures and choose textiles that make you and your guests feel at home. Using warm lighting as well as patterns and designs that are easy on the eyes can help amplify comfort.

Install outdoor storage spaces for clean and easy organization
For any area where people gather and hang out, storage spaces are always a must-have. They will help with organisation and keeping the area clean. Keep separate storage for cleaning, extra pillows, and any other things you’ll need.

Bring life into your new space by adding greens

A horizontal garden not only adds that touch of nature to your space, but it also provides fresh and comfortable natural details that your guests will love. Hanging plants is a space-saving option, and indoor plants can be a good addition to your table setting.

Install functional and stylish exterior window shutters

What are the benefits of window shutters? Why do you need exterior window shutters for your outdoor living space? Isn’t an “outdoor” area meant to be completely open to the outside environment? The idea of having a totally open space outside can be appealing, but remember that for it to be comfortable all year round, you must be able to control that space.

Window shutters or blinds for outdoor living can help you control and soften the natural light that enters the space, and during bad weather, window shutters can keep the moisture out. Shutters and blinds will also give you privacy for a more intimate gathering when you want it.

Operable window shutters, such as motorised shutters, are convenient because you can easily open or close them with click of a button using a remote. Modern motorised window shutters can also be connected to your smartphone and controlled through a mobile app.

Design Your Perfect Space with Weathermaster’s Window Shutters

Weathermaster has a range of manual window shutters and motorised shutters that can transform your outdoor spaces into modern, sophisticated haven of fun, relaxation, and entertainment. We offer top quality, custom-made timber shutters and durable, custom-made Eclipse polyresin shutters that can easily blend in with your existing or new outdoor designs.

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