Venetian Blinds

Take a closer look at why Venetian blinds are so practical and effective. Read more to explore the benefits of Weathermaster’s Venetian blinds products.

Venetian Blinds white large slats

Why Are Venetian Blinds So Popular?

Only one blind choice seems to stay in vogue, no matter the current interior trends: Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds have been a popular window treatment for decades and remain a classic option. What is it that makes Venetian blinds such a popular choice? Read on to learn the benefits of these blinds and why they remain so popular in New Zealand homes.

Privacy without sacrificing natural light

Venetian blinds offer high levels of privacy control. They effectively block out light when closed and have a durable construction. You can even get motorised wooden venetians for added convenience. You can keep them completely closed when you need privacy or to keep light out. By keeping your windows open and your venetian blinds closed, you can enjoy the breeze flowing through the slats. You can even keep the slats partially open at any angle you prefer depending on the amount of light you want to let in. Or you can even open the blinds completely!

Great in Summer

Venetian blinds in NZ summer can bring blessed relief from the heat. Summer heat can not only make you sleepy and cause your concentration to waver; it can also make your computer and devices overheat! Venetian blinds can be easily tilted to prevent heat from accumulating and stagnating in the room, allowing the breeze to waft through without heating the room at the same time.


Venetian blinds add a modern, minimal feel to a room while remaining practical. As an option with timeless appeal and unquestionable sophistication, wooden venetians are the blinds of choice for Auckland households. They are much more than a functional option, serving as a prominent design feature in the room. Wooden Venetian blinds can transform any room instantly, turning your window into a stand-out feature of the room. Our customised wooden Venetian blinds in Auckland feature a contemporary design and make for an elegant window treatment.

Practical and easy to maintain

These blinds are an extremely practical option, thanks in part to how easy they are to clean. Some blinds need particular cleaning agents while curtains require vacuuming and washing to keep them fresh and stain free. With Venetian blinds, a simple wiping down with a damp cloth or microfiber cloth keeps them looking their best.

They are also easy to repair if they are damaged. This is because individual slats can be easily replaced, rather than having to replace the whole unit. Being easy to clean is a key reason that venetian blinds are a great choice for any room in the house. If you are looking for kitchen blinds or bathrooms blinds, aluminium venetian blinds are a great option. Not only can you wipe them clean—ideal for rooms where spillages and splashes are a certainty—they’ll also last for years in environments with lots of steam and humidity.

Weathermaster Auckland have all your Venetian blind needs covered

We offer made to measure Venetian blinds to suit the size of your windows and are delivered and installed all over the greater Auckland area. All our blinds are manufactured in New Zealand. What’s more, since you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are assured of the best price.  Our blinds are priced competitively and some of the best in Auckland. No matter the season, you can always buy blinds and Venetian blinds mounting brackets at fair prices from Weathermaster Auckland. Get in touch with us to learn more.