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External Sunscreen Shades Auckland NZ

With the way we love to embrace our outdoor spaces at home or at your workspace in Auckland, NZ, Weathermaster Auckland have a wide range of high-quality external shades available whatever your requirements.

This includes a range of Alpha drop screens to enclose your outdoor space to create an outdoor room, or to protect from wind, rain, or UV shading at your workspace. Suitable for almost any location in New Zealand, including coastal.

The product is heavy-duty design for maximum performance and durability. Manual or automated. Ranges of fabric styles and colour to choose from.

Manufactured in NZ in our Auckland manufacturing plant.

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Benefits of choosing Weathermaster Auckland

Alpha Side Tension Channel

  • Fully enclosed side tension channel system to provide a fully enclosed outdoor space to protect from wind, rain, and sun.

Alpha Cable Guide

  • This option allows you to install this on an upper level deck and not having the screen blowing around in the wind, the cable guide will securely hold the awning in place providing levels of shading or privacy required.

Alpha Straight Drop

  • This basic of screen still comes with a lot of functionality – want to stop the driving wind at the end of the deck – this is the screen to do that.
  • Do you have a business and require protection for your customers plus add your logo – this is the screen to do that.

Alpha Pivot Arm

  • The awning is best suited to cover those windows from the sun rays whilst still having air flow through your home.

High Quality Outdoor Screens Auckland

All screens have the following options available:

  • Highly versatile fabric options and colours.
  • Componentry available in white, silver, matte gravel but can also be customized with your own paint colour.
  • Head box options are available for all the awnings.
  • Fully automated with the ease of a remote control to lower and lift.

External Screens in Auckland and How They Improve Your Home

External screens offer a range of benefits for your Auckland home. Here are five of the most important:

  1. Use outside spaces more often

External screens help to make your outside spaces more comfortable by providing protection from the elements. This includes the sun, wind, and rain. So, whether it is summer or winter, you’ll be able to use your outside spaces for longer.

  1. Keep mosquitoes away

You know the times of the day when mosquitos and other types of insects start to become a hassle. By closing your outdoor screens, you can keep these little Auckland nuisances out of the outside space where you are spending time.

  1. Make your inside spaces more comfortable

Outdoor screens also provide an additional layer of protection for your Auckland home. In other words, they can help prevent hot direct sunlight from causing the inside of your home from getting too hot, reducing the energy you need to use for cooling your home.

  1. Protection from the sun’s UV rays

External screens also provide excellent protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is important for you and your family when you spend time outside, as you won’t be in direct sunlight.

This point is also beneficial for your outdoor furniture as it won’t become faded from the sun, ensuring it lasts longer.

  1. Enhance privacy

Another major benefit of external screens is enhanced privacy. When they are closed, you will still be able to see out, but you will have a much greater level of privacy from people on the outside looking in.

Improving Your Property

In addition to all the above benefits, external screens will also improve your Auckland home, potentially increasing its value. They are a luxurious and highly convenient feature that you will enjoy for many years to come.


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