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Motorised products offer you convenience and longevity of your products. They can be controlled, opened, and closed with the press of a button, via a remote or on an app on your device.

Motorization offers energy efficiency; I think you will agree we all leave our blinds up on the hottest days with the air conditioning blasting inside! Using a timer or sensor they will read the outside environment and react accordingly.

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Safety, time and time again, we hear stories of accidents within the home with dangling cords, motorization will eliminate this and guaranteed safety within your home.

Security, do you leave a big pair of tradies shoes at the front door?
Motorised blinds plant the idea that someone is always home, even when you are on vacation. Their changing schedule and movements give outsiders the illusion that someone is home, and this will make them think twice, leaving you to feel your home will be secure and safe on your return.

You are now able to control all motorised products such as blinds, curtains, awnings, and external screens.


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