Alpha Straight Drop System


Traditional design

The Alpha Straight Drop sunscreen is a traditional design specifically made for New Zealand conditions, including high wind situations. With a wide range of material and fabric options to best suit the outdoor aesthetic of your home.

This sunscreen model uses no guides. Instead, the screen is strapped down to a railing or floor without additional fabrication requirements. The absence of side channels or cable guides make it an ideal product for those looking to add external sun protection to their home, with the greatest flexibility of installation.

The Alpha Series is covered by our comprehensive 5 Year Warranty.



Manual crank
Spring operation



As technology advances, homes are getting smarter. Not long ago, smart homes and technology were things we saw on the movie screen, not within our own houses. Today, voice-controlled devices are becoming commonplace in homes up and down the country.

Step into the future of window automation with Somfy, thanks to the  Connexoon Window RTS. This voice-controlled device lets you control your window coverings via voice commands and a simple-to-use app.

An intuitive, smart, and playful solution to simplify your life, discover how the Connexon Window RTS can level up your home.


How the Somfy System Works

The Connexoon Window RTS is a voice-controlled device that plugs directly into your router and wall socket for a simple set-up. This device communicates with your Somfy window furnishings via RTS or Radio Technology Somfy and can receive commands from the smartphone app, even when you’re away on holiday!

Somfy Connexoon Window RTS is compatible with IFTT (If This, Then That). Unlock the power of voice control via a third-party voice assistant like Amazon Alexia and Google Assistant to experience a smart home with endless opportunities. Alternatively, this device can be connected directly to your existing Google devices for ultimate convenience.


Total Window Control

The Connexoon Window RTS voice-controlled device gives you ultimate control over your motorised window coverings. Precisely control light flow throughout your home and manage privacy whether at home or off on an adventure!

The Somfy app centralises your window automation system, and any other Somfy products within your home bring all the controls into one simple-to-use app. Whether it’s blinds, curtains, awnings, or everything in between, the Connexoon Window RTS device makes managing them a breeze.


Somfy: The Smarter Window Automation System

Somfy’s voice-controlled device is the next step in window automation. You won’t have to worry about if you shut the curtains after leaving the house; Somfy gives you total control over your window furnishings wherever you are. Get in touch with the Weathermaster team to start the installation process in your home today.

Wire technology for motorised blinds

WT (Wired Technology)


If you are fully automating your home with a Home Automation system, we can connect your window furnishings to this system using our range Somfy WT motors.


Somfy blind controller

App Control


It’s never been easier to enjoy the perks of automated window furnishings, thanks to Somfy’s blind controller smartphone app. Somfy’s Connexoon Window RTS, a home automation solution, provides customers with simple, intuitive, smart, and playful app control.

The Connexoon is an easy way to control motorised window coverings to maximise light control, privacy, and convenience, straight from a mobile/iPad device – from home, the office, or while on holiday and everywhere in between. Download the Somfy RTS app today and get the most out of your motorised blinds.



Somfy’s blind controller plugs directly into your router and wall socket, making installation a breeze. From here, the device communicates with all your Somfy products via RTS, receiving commands via your smartphone even when you aren’t at home!

The Connexoon Window app is also compatible with third-party voice assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, meaning you don’t even need to open your phone to control your blinds.

Somfy’s RTS app centralises all your home systems, bringing them into one convenient location – your phone! You can set timers, personalise light settings, and control them with up to four different phones. Get the most out of your Somfy blinds by installing the app today.

Step into the Future of Home Automation with Weathermaster

Control the motorised blinds in your home with the touch of a button! Somfy’s RTS app Connexoon Window represents the next step in home technology. Weathermaster can install a range of motorised Somfy blinds that will be further enhanced by downloading the handy app for total control. Complete automation can be in the palm of your hand, thanks to Somfy and Weathermaster. Discover why this innovative app is a must-have for anyone with motorised blinds; contact our team today for more information, we will be more than happy to discuss with you

Radio Technology remote blinds



Timeless style and simplicity that works for every room in your home.

Centralize, program, and enjoy!

In conjunction with the range RTS motors we can automate your window coverings with ease.

Somfy remotes are available in a 1, 2, 5 and a 16 channel, for easing programming for individual, multiple and all commands. There is also a 6 channel with a timer allowing programming up to 6 timed events per day.

The Somfy MY position allows the customer to preset their favourite position to reduce the morning or evening glare and this is as easy as a giggle to change for summer or winter durations.


Somfy EOLIS 3D Wirefree Motion RTS Sensor

Somfy Sunis Indoor Wirefree RTS Sensor

Sabelle has both translucent and blockout fabricsin a range of natural shades. The texture is a very clean, matte colour that responds to the light in a way similar to a painted surface.


Outdoor pool area enclosed with aluminium shutters

Aluminium Shutters


Extra dimension to your home

Weathermaster aluminium shutters are the perfect way to add an extra dimension to your home by extending your living spaces outdoors. These outdoor aluminium shutters allow you to get the most out of your backyard by filtering sunlight in summer and blocking out the chilly breeze in winter.

Whether you’re after shutters for your patio, deck, or other outdoor location, we custom manufacture them to the exact specifications you need. This way, you know you’re getting the best outdoor blind solution for your unique circumstances.

Made from aluminium, our shutters are durable and tested to withstand the temperamental weather conditions we get here in New Zealand. Striking a balance between design, lightness, privacy and performance, and corrosion resistance.

For those summertime barbeques or cosy winter campfires, aluminium shutters are an excellent way to add style, function, and value to your outdoor space.


For outside deck turned oasis

Deck turned private oasis! An outside deck that has never been used due to close neighbours can become an oasis when enclosed with Fixed Aluminum Weatherwell Shutters. Movable blades can be set in any position to give any homeowners ultimate flexibility and solitude. No more prying eyes.

For downtown high-rise buildings

City sleek with wind protection! The robust design of Aluminium Shutters gives them the strength to survive high winds while maintaining a sleek look. This downtown high-rise apartment was looking for a way to protect furniture from winds. Sliding aluminum shutters met all the needs of security while maintaining the design continuity of the building.

For resort style living

Weatherwell Aluminum shutters are perfect for extending the luxurious look of timber shutters into external and high-use areas, ideal for ensuring privacy for the hot tub or courtyard areas around your property. Hinged shutters will maintain the picturesque view and privacy while allowing airflow through the blades.


Operating Systems

UltraGlide® Control
LiteRise Control
PowerView® SkyLift
PowerView® Automation
Standard Cord Lock

Serenity™ Cantilever Umbrella


Lift your world of shade with ease

Serenity™ Cantilever Umbrella’s Patent-pending technology gives you years of trouble-free use

Serenity™ Cantilever Umbrella’s Patent-pending technology gives you years of trouble-free use thanks to expert engineering and advanced umbrella deployment systems. Lift your world of shade with ease.


Faux Timber Venetian Blinds NZ

Faux Wooden Venetian Blinds


A durable and attractive blind

Faux Wood, Timber-Look Venetian Blinds

The look and feel of timber from a durable 100% Polyresin product that’s UV treated and resistant to heat and humidity. These innovative blinds will resist warping, chipping and cracking and are available in an attractive wood grain effect or a palette of whites and neutrals.

Masterwoods® Faux Wood Venetian Blinds are perfect for high humidity areas like bathrooms and kitchens due to the Polyresin material, which resists the effects of moisture. Polyresin is also lighter than timber, making the blinds easier to raise and lower while still offering slats that are rigid and durable. There are two slat sizes to choose from (50mm and 64mm), with the 50mm available in 10 colour choices and the 64mm in seven colours.